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English - Blátt áfram

Blatt Afram, (pronounced: blout a-from) which translates as “Straight Forward,” is the leading grass roots child sexual abuse (CSA) prevention organization in Iceland. Blatt Afram was formed in 2004 by twin sisters, Svava Brooks and Sigga Bjornsdottir who themselves were sexually abused as young children growing up in Iceland but who sought to turn around their misfortune by helping others. 
Blatt Afram’s mission is to end the cycle of child sex abuse and break the conspiracy of silence around this most devastating and pervasive social issue by educating adults and creating greater awareness within the community, media and government.  By shedding a light on this dark subject and speaking openly about their own abuse, Svava and Sigga have influenced recent legislation and statutes, created awareness of CSA and supported numerous abuse victims to come forward.  In short, these two sisters have influenced a nation and helped many children and adults seek help, something that was almost completely unavailable previously.
Blatt Afram is actively involved in educating all adults who work with children and teenagers on how to look for the signs of sexual abuse, and what potential steps should be taken if they suspect a child is being abused.  Sigga and Svava have trained teachers, day care workers, outreach centers, after school programs and sports organization – virtually anyone who comes in contact with children.  They also have given numerous talks to teenagers at high schools and other forums across the country, speaking openly about their own abuse while educating people, young and old alike, about this most delicate and difficult subject.  Their message is one of hope, healing and progress, not blame and anger.

In 2004, Blatt Afram with the cooperation of Darkness to Light, a US-based CSA prevention organization, translated into Icelandic and mailed a copy of the “7 Steps to Protecting Children” to every home in Iceland.  And, starting in 2005, Blatt Afram held its first annual International Conference on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention.
Blatt afram´s primary focus is on primary prevention with education and powerful PSA messages.  This focus has created an environment and public support, where Blatt Afram´s CSA prevention education for adults, teens and children is now a routine eduction in most public schools in Iceland.

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